Peter Winslow's Simple System For Rapid Results

Imagine if you could meet real people who have healed themselves from Ankylosing Spondylitis.

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The AS Victors are a world-wide community of people in remission and recovery from this puzzling, medically “incurable” disease.

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And you can apply this information to stop pain and fear, feel great again, and even enjoy eating all the foods you love…

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Until now this private membership club was only open to our personal members and clients.

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  • The Essentials:

These are the nuts and bolts you need to begin your recovery from Ankylosing Spondylitis: instructional videos, helpful podcasts, useful reading materials, and more.

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We offer high-level classes and other enlightening programs to accelerate your journey to freedom from pain and suffering.

  • The VICTORS Club:

You have exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group for connections to helpful people who have much to share with you.

  • The Book Club:

This is a treasure trove of powerful podcasts from our book group discussions.

  • The Member’s Blog:

Every month we discuss a relevant topic and provide answers to your most important and immediate personal questions.

  • Additional Resources:

We provide even more coaching, counseling, tools and techniques to seamlessly guide you on your path to success and victory over AS.

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